Ylmeria is the capital and biggest city of the Shalman Empire. It is located on Shalman Island, the major Island Complex of the Shalman Empire. The population of Ylmeria is 6,000,000 (6 million). It sixth biggest city on the Planet of Andromeda, after the cities of the Republic of Cities.


Aurorium - Second Period

Aurorium in the year 0 An.

Ylmeria is said to have been founded in the Pre Cataclismic Era. Not much is known about Pre Cataclismic Ylmeria, as we know very litle about that particular time period. It is known that Ylmeria at the year 0 An. had a population of about twenty thousand. It became the Imperial Capital of the Shalman Empire soon after the founding of the First Shalman Empire by Emperor Reinam the Great. Emperor Reinam built many palaces as well as public buildings in Ylmeria, including schools, libraries, as well as the first recorded airship port.

One hundred years after the creation of Ylmeria, Ylmeria had a population of one hundred thousand, and the population was rising with a fast pace. By that time the Emperor of the Shalman Empire had begun the construcion of Aurorium and the walls that saround it. It was the same Emperor that started the construction of the Imperial Palace of Ylmeria.