William Pierce
President of Rhodea
In office:
May 10, 2005–
Vice President: Tom Harper
Predecessor: Mike Curley
Successor: Incumbent
Born: October 22, 1950
Ricksburg, Rhodea
Spouse: Wenda Pierce
Political party: Moderate
Profession: Lawyer
Religion: Protestant

William Pierce (born October 22, 1950) is the incumbent President of Rhodea, being so since 2005. He is the successor of Mike Curley, and is member of the Moderate Party. Pierce grew up in Ricksburg, and graduated from the Moor University of Law in 1976, with profession as lawyer. Worked as lawyer until he got elected to the Senate from Ricksburg in 1994. A grassroot movement within the Moderates formed a "Draft Pierce" campaign in 2003, and expanded to be the "Pierce for President" movement in 2004. Pierce won the Moderate primary elections in 2005, and later won the presidential election against incumbent President, Mike Curley, in 2005. Pierce's Vice President is Tom Harper.

Politicial stances Edit

Pierce is a economical conservative who wants minimal government interferce in economics. He also support equal rights, gay marriages, abortion, and wide gun control. He opposes discrimination and high taxation. His liberal stances on social matters have made him a disputed man in the more social conservative part of the Moderates. However, his stances also attracts independent and centrist voters.


Pierce making a speech at an anti-discrimination rally in Bricksby in 2006

Government offices
Predecessor :
Mike Curley
President of Rhodea
Successor :