Vestvåg municipality
Overview vestvag
Captial Vestvåg
Area Medium
Citizens ca. 500
Local media None

Vestvåg municipality is a small municipality, one of the smallest in Norvegia in area; most of the municipality is covered by water, and the rest is covered by the town of Vesvåg. Vestvåg is mentioned for the first time in history in a old scripture from 1103, describing Norvegian coastal towns. Then the town is mentioned as bygdin Vestvágr, which means the village of Vestvágr. The continual text describes Vestvåg as a small village consisting of less than 10 houses, where the citizens mostly are working as fishermen. The text also mention that one of the families there owns a small field of cabbage. Today, about 500 people live in Vestvåg, most of them working in light industry.