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Singasong is an annual competition held among active member countries of the Confederacy of Free Regions. It is modelled after the Eurovision Song Contest.

Each member country submits a song to be performed on live television and then casts votes for the other countries' songs to determine the most popular song in the competition. Usually the song is in their nation's official language. Each country participates via one of their national television stations, whose task it is to select a singer and a song to represent their country in the international competition.

The Contest was first proposed by the Shalman Empire and it has been broadcast once every three months since its inauguration in September 2008. Singasong has also been broadcast outside the COFR nations to such places as Singapore and the United States, despite the fact that these countries do not compete. The Contest has also been broadcast over the Internet and the Holonet.

The first season of the Singasong contest took place on September 10 2008, in Bjork City, Shalman Empire, ending on September 18 2008 with the Hiigaran Confederacy as the winner and the host of the Second Singasong contest. The current Fifth Season of the Singasong hosted by Auvergne, the winner for the previous Fourth Season of Singasong, has ended in August 2009, with Auvergne being the winner for it's second consecutive season. Shalman Commonwealth, the runner-up of the Fifth season, will host the Sixth season of the Singasong.

The EventEdit

Contest Season Host Nation Host City Host Venue
1 Shalman Commonwealth Bjork City Royal Arena
2 Hiigaran Confederacy Morskaja Gora  ?
3 Holidia Rathlin City Atlantic Arena
4 Hypertrophy Hypertrophy City Pleasure Island
5 Auvergne Lafayette Globe Arena
6 Shalman Commonwealth Salonique Imperial Arena

The VotingEdit


The Hiigaran Confederacy voting in the first Singasong contest

Each country has to evaluate the songs presented at the Finals. The points are one number prior to the number of contestants (6 countries ↔ up to 5 points, 7 countries ↔ up to 6 points etc), as a country can't vote for its own song.

Singasong votingHOLIDIA

Holidia voting in the Fifth Singasong

However, should any of the participating nations did not submit their votes in time, the participating nation will be disqualified and all votes counted for this nation will not be counted (Coulla for the First Season, Trimbelina and Aeropoli for Third Season, Rhodea for Fourth Season, Aeropoli and Diesmaran Empire for Fifth Season). Still, their votes will be shown for comparison purposes with the exception of the Third Season, where Aeris' and Trimbelina's points where not shown.


The Event is covered by all major broadcasting channels in the Confederacy of Free Regions. Members of the COFRtv will also broadcast the event. Several non-COFR television broadcasting networks have also broadcast the Singasong in their own country. Such countries are Singapore and the United States of America.


The Royal Arena which hosted the First Singasong Contest

The Countries involvedEdit

On the first and second Singasong contest, countries that are members of the Confederacy of Free Regions are only allowed to take part. From the Third Season of the Singasong Contest onwards, countries from the Scandia Union are allowed to take part in this contest.

Nation Union First Participated Last Participated Peak Placing Highest Points Average Points*
Shalman Commonwealth COFR First Current 2nd 70 44.00
Hiigaran Confederacy COFR First Current 1st 68 39.60
Diesmaran Empire COFR First Current 2nd 73 36.00
Hypertrophy COFR First Current 2nd 79 41.80
Holidia COFR First Current 1st 80 44.20
Rhodea COFR Third Fourth 8th 66 45.00
Ossil COFR Fifth Current 7th 37 37.00
Auvergne COFR Fourth Current 1st 68 61.00
Coulla COFR First First 2nd 24 24.00
Norvegia COFR First Second 5th 18 12.50
Novland COFR Third Current 4th 74 54.00
Kenosha COFR Third Current 5th 55 47.00
Aeropoli COFR Third Current 4th 50 29.00
Aeris Scandia Union Third Third 11th 48 48.00
Trimbelina Scandia Union Third Third  ?  ?  ?
Rafforsia~ AIN° Second Fifth 3rd 75 40.00

* Calculated by total points for all Singasong Contest divided by the number of Singasong Contest participated.

~ This includes points awarded to Raffore Islands.

° Rafforsia is not longer a member of COFR as it have switch to AIN.

Previous ContestsEdit

When Logo Host Winner
Sep '08 Singasong 2008
Shalman Commonwealth
Hiigaran Confederacy
Nov '08 Mosk
Hiigaran Confederacy
Feb '09 Singasong2009 - dubfast copy
May '09 n/a
Aug '09 Logosingasong
Nov '09 Singasong logo final copy
Shalman Commonwealth
  • (1) Holidia won for a second time in a row and gave its hosting rights to Hypertrophy, which had come second.
  • (2) Auvergne won for a second time in a row and gave its hosting rights to the Shalman Commonwealth, which had come second.

Top 3Edit

See Singasong voting result for the votes received from all participants.
Contest season Placing Country Vote
1 1 Hiigaran Confederacy (tie) 24
2* (disq.) Coulla (tie) 24
3 Holidia 22
4 Shalman Commonwealth (H) 20
2 1 Holidia 29
2 Shalman Commonwealth (tie) 23
3 Raffore Islands (tie) 23
3 1 Holidia (H) 80
2 Hypertrophy 79
3 Raffore Islands 75
4 1 Auvergne 54
2 Diesmaran Empire 51
3 Shalman Commonwealth 50
5 1 Auvergne (H) 68
2 Shalman Commonwealth 57
3 Hypertrophy 56

* Coulla was disqualified from the contest as it didn't vote.
(H) = host


The Singasong has been plagued by participating members being disqualified for not voting. The disqualified participating members are Coulla (First Season), Trimbelina (Third Season), Aeropoli (Third and Fifth season), Rhodea (Fourth Season), and Diesmaran Empire (Fifth Season).

During the Fifth season, host nation Auvergne planned to change the voting system. However, the then Chancellor of the COFR, philly_boy, warned Auvergne not to alter the voting system.

Recent controversies have occurred in particular from the creation of the EAS and new rules set for the contest. Four nations pulled out of the sixth Singasong in protest if the new rules, although all nations but Kingdom of Hypertrophy have now returned to the competition after clarfication was givenm that the new rules were on a trial basis for the sixth Singasong only.

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