Sectoria is a rather large country about two times the size of the UK and is located between Australia and Madagascar. Its a strong wealthy, democratic country.

-The populace mostly speaks GB English.

-It has a large formidable army and navy.

-The national economy is fairly stable.

-The Sectorian Nationalist Party (SNP) is the current elected party and has been elected in 6 out of 13 constituencies.

The full name is the United Constituencies of Sectoria (UCS).

History Edit

It is said that Sectoria was officially colonised after the disbandment of the Roman Empire, after Roman stragglers discovered Sectoria in search for a new home. They landed on the West Coast and formed the city which is presently known as Staunton.

After years of peace, a minority of the populace wanted something different to what they had in Staunton. When they approached the Council with their beliefs, many of them were executed for speaking out against the current regime; However, many escaped and began to construct settlements all over the Western Provinces. The biggest was Thrace, the city closest to Staunton. The two cities became rivals.

The rivalry only helped increase the pace of development

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