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Rhodea presidential election, 2009
April 6, 2009
Samsonstanding Peterking Lfox
Candidate Tucker Samson Peter King Lionel Firefox
Party Moderate Social Democrat Pirate
Home city Bradford Overley Skerring
Running mate TBD TBD Frank H. Göth

The Rhodea presidential election of 2009 will be held on April 6, 2009, and elect a new President of Rhodea. Incumbent president, William Pierce, confirmed on December 21, 2008 that he wouldn't seek re-election, as he wanted to spend more time with his familiy for the next years, and possibilly step back to his profession as lawyer. Vice President Tom Harper denied to stand for election, while all actual MPs wanted to wait at least another four years.

The election will be the first presidential election of Rhodea where the result is not based on how many states and electoral votes a candidate gets. Only the popular vote will count, and the senators will be elected from separate ballots not relating to the presidential election. This means that two separate elections are held at the same date.

No running mates for the major parties are announced yet.

Candidates Edit

Tucker Samson Edit

Tucker Samson, Mayor of Bradford, was elected to the Moderate's presidential candidate in February 2009. Few days later, the Social Democrats elected Peter King as their candidate. Samson is known for his engagement to his city, and for stabilizing the city's economy while it was in rapid growth.

Peter King Edit

While Samson is good known to the general public, Peter King is more unknown nationwide, even when he has been Mayor of Overley, the third largest city of Rhodea, for five years. During King's time as mayor, Overley has evolved from being an industrial area with jobs for Bradforders, to be a city with a large and independent population.

Lionel Firefox Edit

Lionel Firefox and the German born Frank H. Göth are announced as candidates for the Pirate Party of Rhodea, a newly founded party that got huge popular support from especially young people. As the electoral system is not longer based on winning states and electoral votes, many experts looks at L. Firefox as a serious challenger.

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