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Rhodea presidential election, 2001
April 5, 2001
Mikecurley Alanbrooke Larryjwarren
Candidate Mike Curley Alan Brooke Larry J. Warren
Party Social Democrat Moderate Progressive
Home state Clayport Terrywood Clayport
Running mate Edmund L. Martins Jennifer Carlson Thomas Carlisle
Electoral vote 26 13 5
States carried 2 2 1
Percentage 43,0% 37,7% 18,9%

Presidential election results map. Red denotes states won by Curley, Blue denotes those won by Brooke, and Orange denotes the state won by Warren.

Incumbent President
Daniel H. Moore

The Rhodea presidential election of 2001 was held on April 5, 2001, and elected Mike Curley for President of Rhodea. The former Vice President, Alan Brooke, lost with 13 against 26 electoral votes. The centrist candidate Larry J. Warren is said to have spoiled Brooke's victory by winning Brooke's home state. The result was a landslide victory to Curley, after capturing the majority of the votes in the larger cities.

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