Andromeda Planet copy

Outer Rim


Andromeda sector


Andromeda system


1: Andromeda (star)

Orbital position



2 (Uur and Alt, the moon of Uur)

Distance from Core

36,000 light years

Rotation period

24 standard hours

Orbital period

362 local days




18,120 km


Oxygen Mix, Type I (Breathable)





Primary terrain


Surface water


Points of interest
Native species
Immigrated species


Official language

7 billion

Major cities
Major imports
  • Technology
  • Processed foods
Major exports
  • Computers
  • Art
  • Cultural items
  • Airships

The planetary system of Andromeda is the homeworld of the Shalman Empire. The biggest planet in the system is the Planet of Andromeda. The population of the entire planet is 7 billion. During the rule of the Galactic Republic, Andromeda was used as a base for the experiments of Naldior. Today, Andromeda is a major transgalactic port in the entire region.

Galactic RepublicEdit

Starship colonizing jpg

A starship, approaching Andromeda in 2431 AD

The Galactic Republic was created in the year 2134, as was based on the planet of Eldior Prime, in the center of our galaxy. A few centuries after the creation of the Galactic Republic, the Naldior experiment was created in 2431. The experiment was first placed on Shalman Island, but spread to the entire Planet of Andromeda. The first city to be built on Andromeda was that of Parma. Parma is the base of the experiment, where the Headquarters of the Naldior Experiment are based. At the time, Parma had a population of five-hundred thousand people.

After the fall of the Galactic RepublicEdit

When the Galactic Republic was abolished, after the Robot Wars, Andromeda was one of the few planets which were not contaminated by the deadly chemical of Protoxin 5c. It is estimated that 96% of the Republic's population was killed during the Robot Wars and later by the use of Protoxin 5c. Andromeda was then used as the Headquarters of the Confederacy of Gaia, an alternative name for the Galactic Republic. This was kept a secret, as the four Heads of the Naldior experiment had wanted to re-create the Galactic Republic. By the time, the Republic of Cities was founded, and the Shields were sett off around the six artificial island-cities. Parma was used as the capital, and had a population of fifty-five million.

Major Countries on AndromedaEdit

Parma 1

Parma, currently.

Republic of CitiesEdit

The Republic of Cities was created after the fall of the Galactic Republic. Currently, the Republic of Cities has a population of five billion. The Capital of the Republic of Cities is the city of Parma, with a population of two billion. Parma is a major economic center in the Republic and Andromeda as a whole. Currently the Republic of Cities has a population of six billion, aproximately 85% of the entire population of Andromeda. The Republic of Cities mainly produces spaceships and technology. The monetary union of the Republic is the Astir.

Shalman EmpireEdit

The Shalman Empire is the strongest nation on the Planet of Andromeda. It has the strongest economy than any other nation on the planet, and produces Airships and Spaceships and technology in general. The capital of the Empire is Ylmeria, with a population of 3 million. The Empire has a population of 140 million. Other major cities are those of the City of Bjork and Saliman City. The Empire also has a very powerful army, with an active military force of two million.

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