Peter King
Born: September 4, 1964
Overley, Rhodea
Spouse: Mary King
Political party: Social Democrat

Peter King (born December 26, 1966) is the current Mayor of Overley in Clayport, Rhodea. King was born on the second day of Christmas in 1966, in the tiny township of Overley. Then the population was at a few hundreds of people, and reached 300 in 1970, when the place was an independent commune from Bradford. King became mayor in 2005, when the sitting mayor had destroyed the city's economy. King took charge, and stopped the automatic dependency on Bradford; he started the construction of a lot of welfare services, and expanded the road system. After only three years, the population had doubled several times, the economy was independent and under control. As he stated himself in 2008: "Together we have made Overley a city, not only an industrial area with poor neighbourhoods alongside for the enjoyment for fat wallets in Bradford."

In February 2009, King was chosen as the Social Democratic Party of Rhodea's candidate for president of Rhodea.

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