The PanAndromedan Games of 1431 An. took place in Ylmeria on August 15-29 2008, in the Earth Counting System.

Ylmeria logoj

The Logo

The SportsEdit

The Sports in which Athlets competed were:

20px-Athletics_pictogram.svg.png 3km run
20px-Archery_pictogram.svg.png Archercy
20px-Diving_pictogram.svg.png Diving
20px-Equestrian_pictogram.svg.png Equestrian
20px-Fencing_pictogram.svg.png Fencing
20px-Gymnastics_(rhythmic)_pictogram.svg.png Rhythmic gymnastics
20px-Rowing_pictogram.svg.png Rowing
20px-Sailing_pictogram.svg.png Sailing
20px-Schooting_pictogram.svg.png Shooting
20px-Football_pictogram.svg.png Soccer (football)
20px-Handball_pictogram.svg.png Stickball
20px-Swimming_pictogram.svg.png Swimming
20px-Taekwondo_pictogram.svg.png Taekwondo
20px-Athletics_pictogram.svg.png Track and field
20px-Wrestling_pictogram.svg.png Wrestling


An overview of the PanAndromedan Complex

The FacilitiesEdit

The Facilities of the PanAndromedan Games of 1431 included:

  • Indoor Arenas
  • Athletes Village
  • Outdoor stadiums
  • A Main Pan Andromedan Stadium
  • Communications and Broadcasting Center
  • Site for sailing

and others.

Competing CountriesEdit

For the first time since the start of the Games, the PanAndromedan Gamges were opened to off-world members, such as the members of the Confederacy of Free Regions. The members taking place, from the COFR, were:

Countries from within the Planet of Andromeda also competed.

The MedalsEdit