First name Jiro
Age 19
Nationality Japan
Native language Japanese
COFR country Coulla

Nihonkaranws (Japanese for NWS from Japan) is an administrator at the COFR and BATter, and the former Chancellor of COFR. He was elected President on April 13 (this title was later changed to "Chancellor" by the COFR Infrastructure Act in July). He resigned from his post on August 25th, 2008, giving his place to Philly_boy. Nihonkaranws was born in Naha, Japan, grew up in Tokyo, Japan then moved to Fukuoka, Japan, and now lives in Vancouver, Canada, where he will attend the University of British Columbia next year.

Nihonkaranws is often called Nihon by friends on Simtropolis and the COFR forum. He is mostly active at the COFR and Simtropolis, but also posts often at SC4 Devotion and ToutSimcity under the username Fatsuhono. Nihonkaranws can communicate fluently in Japanese, English, French and Spanish.

Confederal government offices
Predecessor :
April 2008–August 2008
Successor :