Kurt hanson

Kurt Hanson

Kurt Hanson (born 1947) is a Rhodean environmental politician. He was Mayor of Palmer from 1991 to 1999, and is still active as an independent politician in the daily debate in Rhodea. He graduated from the University of Moor in 1969 (within the subject 'Pollution and consequences for the environment in Rhodea'). Political advisor on environmental cases for President Belle Astoni from 1977 to 1981. Elected to the city council of Palmer in 1982, and then mayor (as mentioned). Declined to run for re-election as mayor in 1999, and has been independent member of the city council again since then.

Hanson was elected chairman of the Environmental Protection Union (EPU) in March 2009.

Organizational offices
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Office created
Chairman of the EPU
March 2009–
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Government offices
Predecessor :
Joseph Tipton
Mayor of Palmer
Successor :
John W. Brooke