The Holophone (Greek: ολόφωνο olofono) is a 3D device that transmits image and sound from a transmiter to a reciever. It is very common on the Planet of Andromeda, as telephones are not used.



A Holophone projection of a man

Country codesEdit

Each country has its own telephone code. The codes range from 01 to 09. Examples:
Shalman Empire: 03
Republic of Cities: 01

City codesEdit

As with countries, cities also have codes, depending on the location of the city on the Planet of Andromeda and the country of origin. Examples:
Ylmeria: 001
Parma: 382

Examples of complete numbersEdit

01.001.413589 (Shalman Empire 01, Ylmeria 001, and holophone number)


The holophone may also be connected with the holonet, to communicate with people in live chatrooms, as well as for other uses.