The Holonet (Greek: Ολοδίκτυο oloðiktio), or Holovision (Greek: Ολόραση olorasi), is a network very similar to the Internet and the Television, both combined. Instead of having 2 dimentions, the Holonet is a 3d device.


Watching a live broadcast of IBNnews on the Holonet, on the Earth Standard version.


The Holonet was first developed in the year 2199 by the Galactic Republic. It was first used a means of communication by the Government of the Galactic Republic, but soon became a very popular means of communication for the general public. The Holonet was finilized in about 3600, in the Republic of Cities. The Shalman Empire and other nations of the Planet of Andromeda have also developed their own variant of the Holonet. Nowadays the Standard Holonet, created in the Republic of Cities is used.

The SystemEdit


There are several different domain names for the Holonet network. Each nation has its own domain name, consisting of the who first four letters of the nations' name. If the domain is used for organizations, the letters -wa are added, whereas for companies the letters -po are added.

Domain namesEdit

Examples of domain names:
Shalman Empire: imsh'
Republic of Cities: dipo'
Empire of Lufner: imlu'


A page name in the Holonet network consists of the domain name of the country the page is registered in, followed by the page name. Pages are automatically translated, so a language code may be added to the end of the page name.

Page namesEdit

Examples of page names:
If you would like to go to the Lachtzveul Aerospace website you must type:
To get the site in Atario you must type:

Searching with your voiceEdit

The most recent deleopment of the Holonet network also features a 'search with your voice' feture. This way you can just narrate the page you wish to go to, instead of typing the domain name. Saying the company or oganization name instead of the entire domain name also gets you to the page.

The Holonet in Earth StandardEdit

Typing in the latin script or the Earth Standard script has the same result, as it was so modified in the latest Holonet update.

Holophone and HolonetEdit

The Holonet may also be connected to the Holophone, for a number of purposes.