Map of kalduroyar

Map of Kalduroyar

The human history of Kalduroyar starts with the Norwegian vikings' discovery of the remote islands in 796, one year after they discovered the neightbouring Faroe Islands. Nothing indicates that anybody lived at the islands before the vikings arrived: Firstly, the sagas written only two hundred years after the vikings came (which is quite short time for a saga) don't mention any people the vikings met. Secondly, there isn't found any remainings older than from the viking culture.

Viking colonization Edit

When the vikings settled the islands in the 800's, they came in "waves"; the first one consisted roughly 200–300 persons, mostly fishers and poor farmers from Norway. They probably came by the other viking colonies of Iceland and Faroe Islands. The first places they settled were located at the east coast of Fjørðoy; Fjørðgápið and Vindavík in the current Vesturhavnar municipality, and Kirjubøur in Suðurfjall.

To get the neccesary products to keep the population alive, the settlers kept up the contact with the Faroe Islands as new waves of settlers came to Fjørðoy, and now also Skúvoy (Skálavík). The trade supplied the islands with the product they had least of; timber. In return, the islands supplied growing cities in Northern Europe with fish in return of the timber and some other products.