Fredrikshavn's bid for the 1436 PanAndromedan Games (2009) was decleared on July 5, 2008. The first descriptions, maps and plans for the bid was published the day after.

Events Edit

Events which are planned to take place, see also the list of venues.

20px-Athletics_pictogram.svg.png 3km run
20px-Archery_pictogram.svg.png Archercy
20px-Diving_pictogram.svg.png Diving
20px-Equestrian_pictogram.svg.png Equestrian
20px-Fencing_pictogram.svg.png Fencing
20px-Gymnastics_(rhythmic)_pictogram.svg.png Rhythmic gymnastics
20px-Rowing_pictogram.svg.png Rowing
20px-Sailing_pictogram.svg.png Sailing
20px-Schooting_pictogram.svg.png Shooting
20px-Football_pictogram.svg.png Soccer (football)
20px-Handball_pictogram.svg.png Stickball
20px-Swimming_pictogram.svg.png Swimming
20px-Taekwondo_pictogram.svg.png Taekwondo
20px-Athletics_pictogram.svg.png Track and field
20px-Wrestling_pictogram.svg.png Wrestling

Venues Edit

Fredrikshavn sportomrade

Read the list to the left to see where the venues are

The main area contains most of the venues to be used.

  • Bølgen Innendørsarena ("The Wave Indoor Arena"), upper left
  • Atheltic Plaza, right of Bølgen
  • Southern Transport Center (subway, bus...), right of Atheltic Plaza
  • Strømmen Stadion ("The Stream Stadium"), below Bølgen
  • Shopping and office area down the whole avenue
  • The tennis stadium, below Strømmen Std.
  • Northern Traffic Center (subway, bus...), below the tennis stadium
  • Globen Innedørsarena ("The Globe Indoor Arena"), below Northern Traffic C.
  • The baseball stadium, in the corner of the avenue
  • Water Center (swimming), below the baseball std.
  • Security Center, right of the baseball stadium
  • TV Station, right of the houses on the hilltop