First name Erik
Age 16
Nationality Norway
Native language Norwegian
COFR country Rhodea

Erikfloan is the creator of Rhodea, and previously also Norvegia and Kalduroyar (both short-lived projects). Currently he serves as Minister of Economics, after the ministry was re-created. He did an (failed) attempt on contesting Philly_boy for Chancellor of the COFR in January/February 2009.

Erikfloan is mostly called just Erik, as the last part is his last name. Erik is the Scandinavian version of Eric.

Confederal government offices
Predecessor :
(Ministry re-created)
Minister of Economics
March 2009–
Successor :
Organizational offices
Predecessor :
Office created
Head of the Environmental Union
February 2009–March 2009
(Transistion period)
Successor :
Kurt Hanson