Environmental Protection Union
Environmental union map
Headquarters Skerring, Rhodea
Official language(s) English
Vice Chairwoman

Kurt Hanson
Arlene Foster
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The Environmental Protection Union (EPU) is an internal union within the Confederacy of Free Regions (meaning that only COFR members may apply for membership), focusing on environmental matters. Member countries promise to do as much as they can to reduce pollution, and to keep the environment in a good condition for the coming generations. The union got an advicing role, and will not jugde any affairs. All cases of law breaks will be reported to the Confederal Ministry of Environment, and such not handled by the union itself. The union board consists of Arlene Foster, Kurt Hanson and Rishikwarna Subrawanjay.

The EPU was founded as the Environmental Union in Skerring, Rhodea on February 17, 2009, and the city is still the union's headquarters.

Terms Edit

  • All members agree to preserve the environment in a good condition, so the future generations may live in a environmental friendly world on the same condition as today.
  • All members agree to continiously report about the stance of the environment in their country. This also means that specialists at missions from the Environmental Union will get access to all member countries.
  • All members agree that large breaks of the guidelines of the Environmental Union will cause a dismissal from the Union, and the actual breaks will be further reported to the Confederacy of Free Regions' Ministry of Environment.

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Congresses Edit

Country Venue Dates Elected chairman
Rhodea flag Rhodea Shipton Hotel, Shipton March 5–8, 2009 Kurt Hanson

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