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The enieo (Greek: ενιαίο "the common" eh-nee-E-oh - plural: ενιαία eh-nee-E-a) is the COFR's single currency. It was first presented to the First Financial Summint in Belfast (Holidia) on October 28th, 2008. It's symbol is the Greek letter Epsilon (ε). One enieo is equal to one Great Britain Pound.

The nameEdit

The meaning of the word enieo comes from the Greek word for "[the] common [currency]" (Greek: [το] ενιαίο [νόμισμα]). It was one of the names proposed at the First Financial Summit in Holidia. Other names presented were Astir, Higar, Ena amongst others. After debating for about twenty minutes (live on the COFR chatroom), the enieo was chosen as the most suitable name for the COFR's common currency.

The plural of the word enieo is not enieos but rather eniea, as it follows the Greek form of ενιαίο - ενιαία.

Exchange Rate of the EnieoEdit

One enieo is equal to (November 2009):
ε1 = ₯374.48 (Greek Drachma)
ε1 = ¥148.46 {Japanese Yen)
ε1 = $1.62 (US Dollars)
ε1 = Û1.24 (Unio - SCJU Currency)
ε1 = €1.09 (Euro)
ε1 = £0.98 (Pound Sterling)
ε1 = H£0.86 (Holidian Punt)
ε1 = Ł2.65 (Shalman Lirretta)

Members of the EniozoneEdit

The members of the Confederal Union of Trade that plan to adopt the enieo as their common currency are:

The banknotesEdit

The banknotes are still being produced at the Confederal Union of Trade!

ε1 banknote (Shalman Empire)Edit





ε20 banknote (Shalman Empire)Edit





ε200 banknote (Shalman Empire)Edit


Enieo200front copy


Enieo200back copy

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