Imperial House of Otonlich
Imnostlérlem ſtië Otonlich’et (Atario)
Αυτοκρατορικός Οίκος των Ότονλιχ (Greek)
Imperial Coat of Arms
Country Shalman Commonwealth, Empire of Lufner Kingdom of Lomrie, Kingdom of Naymor
Parent house Imperial House of Otonlich
Titles By Grace of the Lords Emperor of the Third Shalman Empire, the Kingdom of Lomrie, the Empire of Lufner, the Kingdom of Naymor, the Imperial Dependency of Salonique and the Imperial Colonies.
Founder Emperor Munshtad Otonlich
Current head Aldior Mentar Otonlich
Founding year 625 An.
Cadet branches Royal House of Lomrie

The Emperor of the Shalman Empire is one of the two heads of state of the Shalman Commonwealth. The current Emperor is Emperor Aldior Mantar Otonlich, in Atario: Álðior Méntar Ótonlich.

History of the MonarchyEdit

The Monarchy was started in year 0 An. The first Emperor of the Shalman Commonwealth was Emperor Reinam, also called "The Great". The first emperor of the Shalman Commonwealth belonged to the Imperial House of Shalman. The Monarchy was abolished in 459 An. but was re-established as a Constitutional Monarchy in the end of the same year. Currently, the Emperor belongs to the Imperial House of Otonlich, which has been in power for the past 800 years.

Imperial HousesEdit

The most famous of all Imperial houses are:

  • Otonlich
  • Shalman
  • Burghaim
  • Landarn
  • Uber
  • Altador

Noteable EmperorsEdit