Eastern Clayport
Country Rhodea
Clayport-Moor Metro. Area
Friedrick Zieger
Population (Dec. 2008) 5,057
Time zone UTC −5

Eastern Clayport is a city in Rhodea, and a part of the Clayport-Moor Metropolian Area. However, the city is governed as an independent commune, with Friedrick Zieger as Mayor. Most of social services are shared with the rest of the Clayport area. One of the largest reasons of the dividation was the fact that the demography of Eastern Clayport is a bit different than the rest of the city; many are still working in the agricultural sector and light industry, and Eastern Clayport got a, in general, older population in comparation to the quite young population of Clayport and Moor.

Star Island Edit

Just outside Eastern Clayport Harbor, there are some small, sandy islands. Most of them are too small for being populated, but the largest one, Star Island, got the settlement Homestead (about 40 inhabitants). People here got electricity from a little power plant, water from a water tower, school, marina, church, a couple of shops and a small factory producing fishing vessels. Connection with the mainland is maintained by a taxi boat harbor. A similar taxi boat harbor is built in the mainland's harbor area. All the inhabitants of Homesteads works on the island, and were sceptical to the connection. They feared their island would be overstreamed by tourists and Clayporters wanting their own place at the marina. This hasn't happened, as a new act passed by the state legislature says that the marina and right of property is for the islanders only.