Daniel H. Moore
President of Rhodea
In office:
May 13, 1993–May 10, 2001
Vice President: Alan Brooke
Predecessor: Patrick Wilson
Successor: Mike Curley
Born: January 24, 1932
Spouse: Martha Moore
Profession: Businessman
Religion: Atheist

Daniel Hill Moore (born January 24, 1932) is a former Rhodean politician who was President of Rhodea from 1993 to 2001. Moore represented the Moderates. He was born, and grew up in Bricksby, and graduated from Bradford University, obtaining a degree in social studies. Worked as a political analysist in a national newspaper in the 1970's, and owned several newspapers himself in the late 1980's. Elected president of Rhodea in 1993, and re-elected in 1997.

Government offices
Predecessor :
Patrick Wilson
President of Rhodea
Successor :
Mike Curley