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Confederal chancellery election, August 2009
August 21–31, 2009
New flag of nation COFR new flag (proposal)2!
Candidate Neil n/a
COFR country Holidia n/a
Home country UK n/a
Popular vote 3 n/a
Percentage 100% n/a

The Confederal chancellery election of January 2009 elected Neil, who ran unopposed, as Chancellor of the Confederacy of Free Regions for the next six months. The election itself took place from August 21 to August 31, 2009. The new cabinet was announced on September 1.

New cabinet Edit

Secretariat Name Country
Chancellor Neil Holidia
First Minister Monegasquedude Auvergne
Head-of-Cabinet xlchris Ossil
Ministry Name Country
Ministry of Defence and Foreign Affairs Shadow_prophet Diesmaran Empire
Ministry of Crime and Justice anarchy0029 Hypertrophy
Ministry of Culture Arts and Sports Philly_boy Shalman Commonwealth
Ministry of Transport Cormiermax Novland
Ministry of Trade Investment and Industry Hiigarar Hiigaran Confederacy
Ministry of Social Affairs and Media Drugpat Kenosha
Ministry of Agriculture XiDillon Oonte Rotocco
  • Philly_boy had been elected First Minister but resigned in September 2009. Monegasquedude took his place as First Minister of the COFR.
  • xlchris took the place of Monegasquedude, who had been made First Minister, as Head-of-Cabinet of the COFR.