Confederal Charter
COFRcharter copy
Type Resolution
Proposer Shalman Empire
Date September 29, 2008
Status Passed

The Confederal Charter is the COFR's founding document. It was written to replace the old Confederacy Constitution and was presented to the Confederacy Representative Council on September 29th, 2008. It was voted in favor and took effect within the same week. It consists of 24 articles and one amendment.

Preamble - Purposes and Principles Edit

The Confederacy of Free Regions (COFR) is an alliance of nations, and we welcome all. We aim to unite as many nations as possible under one banner, while respecting the diversity of international culture. The Confederacy of Free Regions aims to be both a mutual defence pact between its full and associate members. This document will show you the Confederacy of Free Regions system of government.

Chapter I - General Overview and Institutions of the Confederacy of Free RegionsEdit

Article 1

All members of the Confederacy of Free Regions must adhere to the Constitution. This includes members, nations, associates, and government members.

Article 2
Failure to adhere to the Constitution is not acceptable. Violators shall receive appropriate and just punishment.


Amendment 241008Edit

Amendment 241008
Type Amendment
Proposer Shalman Empire
Date October 24, 2008
Status Passed

The amendment to the Confederal Charter was written by the Shalman Empire. It passed with 5 votes in favor, and 1 against. It amended the chapter "The Secretariat and the National Governments" to:

The Secretariat consists of the three member nations with the highest votes upon an election, as stated in Article 9, but shall not be guided by any way from their National Governments, i.e. shall remain independent from National Interests and shall serve the greater good of the COFR nations only.