Country Rhodea flag Rhodea
Head Attorney
Benjamin "Ben" Harrison
David Pickle
Population (Dec. 2008) 31,743
Time zone UTC −5

Clayport-Moor is a metropolian area and commune in Rhodea, consisting of the towns Clayport and Moor. They are politically governed as one unit. These areas where the first placed settled in the country, but the cities are modern, and almost nothing is left for the early beginning of European colonization. The towns are divided by a narrow strait, where the cities can be found at the eastern (Clayport) and western (Moor) sides. Clayport was larger than Moor just a decade ago, but now the growth in Moor is large enough to pass Clayport in a few years. Suburbs and other towns in the Clayport-Moor metropolian area includes Jackson, Larrysburg, Eastern Clayport and Southside Clayport. Southside and Eastern Clayport are independent communes, but are included in the metropolian area.