The COFRtv logo

COFRtv is an alliance of TV Channels from COFR members, which was formed so that COFR members would have better access to other member's TV channels. The COFRtv headquarters are located in Holidia, after being relocated from Raffore Islands.


Imperial Broadcasting Network - Shalman EmpireEdit

IBN high copy

The Imperial Broadcasting Network logo

  • IBN news
  • IBN
  • IBNnews
  • IBNkids
  • IBNradioφωνο
  • IBNcinema
  • IBNsports (Simlympics, PanAndromedan Games, etc)
  • IBNgalactic (News from Earth, Ezra, Andromeda and other COFR planets)
  • IBNteen
  • IBNglish (English programs)
  • IBNatario (Atario programs)
  • IBNellas (Programs from Greece [in Greek: Ellas - Eλλάς])

WAVE TV - HolidiaEdit


The WAVE TV logo

  • Wave TV1 (Variety/Films/News/Sport/Drama/Reality)
  • Wave TV2 (Documentarys/Kids)
  • The Wave (Music/Teenage/MTV/US Drama)
  • Film:Wave (Films)
  • Fab TV (Formerly Wave:Kids) ~ Kids
  • 24 News Network (Formerly Wave:News) ~ News (National/Confederal/International/Local)
  • Wave: Sports 1 (Live Sports/Sports/HFA/Premiership Highlights/Rugby/International Matches)
  • Wave: Sports 2 (Simlympics/P.A.G/Cricket/Live Sport/HFA)
  • Wave: Sports Xtra (Sports News/HFA)

Norvegisk Rikskringkastning - NorvegiaEdit

Nrk logo

The Norvegisk Rikskringkasning logo

  • NRK 24 - Main channel, programs from the other channels 24 hours. Most entertainment programs and movies are sent here.
  • NRK Nyheter - Domestic and foreign news 24 hours.
  • NRK Sport - Sports 24 hours.
  • NRK Barn & Ungdom - Children and youth programs.