.ha is the Internet top-level domain (ccTLD) for Holidia.


The .ha ccTLD was first launched in November 2006, a whole two years after independence. Previous to this most Holidian sites were hosted by either the .uk or .ie domains, before independence a few businesses opted to be neutral and adapted the domain under license from Nicaragua, although government backed this had limited success. The first site to published to use the .ha domain was in fact a small privately run site on the wildlife of Holidia's national parks, although the next day many other followed including all governmental sites, Wave Broadcasting and the Holidian Telegraph.


The owner of the .ha domain, publicly owned Holidian Telecom carries out strict checks on the usage of domains, most domains are sorted into sub-domains and very few websites/organisations are permitted to not use a sub-domain. Restrictions are also placed on the relevance of the site title to the operating organisation of the site.

  • .ac.ha - Tertiary education and research establishments
  • .afh.ha - Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces public sites
  • .co.ha - General commercial use
  • .def.ha - Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces private and secure sites
  • .gov.ha - Government public sites (central and local)
  • .hsc.ha - Health and Social Care sites (private and public)
  • .org.ha - Charities and Non-Profit organisations
  • .psh.ha - Police and Garda sites (private and public)
  • .sch.ha - Primary and Secondary education establishments
  • .xx.ha - Disused by government research facilities for private/secret research projects, was dropped in favour of .ac.ha, restrictions removed in 2008 and various adult sites now use this domain

Usage of Other Domains in HolidiaEdit

The official usage of the .uk and .ie domains were phased out by January 2009, all Holidian companies re-registering their domain are strongly encouraged to register a .ha domain instead. Although some older companies use the .uk and .ie domains as well as two Holidian ISPs.

The domain is still used by a few sites, although the government still has license to register this until 2014.

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