The Lirretta (Atario: Lirrétta, Greek: Λιρρέττα) is the currency used in the Shalman Empire. It is also the coin used when foreign governments on the planet of Andromeda make exchanges with eachother. It is the "universal monetary union" so to speak. Lirrettas were first used in 230 An, and were called Lirat (Atario: Lirát, Greek: Λιράτ). The first time the Shalman Empire issued banknotes was in 1035 An. Currently there are five types of banknotes: 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50 Lirrettas. One Lirretta is divided into 100 "athleu" (Atario: aþlǽ, Greek: Αθλό) meaning "thin". The Symbol of the Lirretta is Ł or LRT.

Banknote - base new copy

5 Lirretta banknote

Banknote - base new2 copy

10 Lirretta banknote

Lirretta does not have a plural form in Atario. This is primarily because the ending -a is not one of the noun endings in Atario and thus can not be subjected to the five inflections or the dual/trial/plural forms. In Greek however, the plural of Lirretta is Lirrettes (Greek: Λιρρέττες).

Exchange ratesEdit

  • 1 Ł = 3.4 €
  • 1 Ł = 2.6 ₤
  • 1 Ł ≈ 5.1 $
  • 1 Ł ≈ 563.7 ¥
  • 1 Ł ≈ 1,158.5 ₯ (Greek Drachma - replaced by the Euro in 2001)
  • 1 Ł = 28.2 kr (Norvegian krone)
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