Earth Standard Alphabet

Earth Standard (Earth Standard: ィーッムレッ コセマンマンムッローォレッ ィマーチユユヲ YEE-ee-nee tee-poh-pee-ee-MEH-nee GHLO-ssa, lit: Earth Standardized Language) was the language of the Confederacy of Gaia, or else the Galactic Republic. It was created after the end of World War III, in the late 2080's. Earth Standard is based on Greek, but does not use the Greek alphabet. Instead, the Earth Standard alphabet, using Japanese characters, is used.


Sign written in Earth Standard using the Earth Standard alphabet and the Greek alphabet. Under it in Atario and English.

After the fall of the Galactic Republic atario continued to be used in the Republic of Cities and a few other remaining former Galactic Republic states. It is estimated that 90% of the Earth Standard speaking population was killed after the Robot Wars and the use of the deadly chemical of Protoxin 5c. Nowadays about seven billion people speak Earth Standard

In the Shalman Empire, Earth Standard is one of the official languages of the state, alongside Atario. However, Earth Standard in the Shalman Empire is called "God Speak", as the Lords of Kambolar spoke Earth Standard.

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